Global School of NDT Obtains BiNDT ATO and PCN AQB Status

Bob Scholes, Global School of NDTGlobal School of NDT is pleased to announce that it has obtained ATO status with BiNDT and AQB with PCN for their Ultrasonic Phased Array Level II courses and examinations.

This is the first of many exciting accreditations that the school is working towards. The next program will aim to bring ATO and AQB status for ToFD and Digital Radiography.

Global School of NDT was established in 2007 by Bob Scholes (Managing Director) when he left the Middle East Regional Manager position of the Olympus NDT organization’s facility located in Bahrain. Bob chose instead to fill the ever-increasing need for advanced NDT training, focusing on Phased Array and Time of Flight Diffraction processes. This facilitated working with the technical support teams of ONDT, and it was not long before the school became an associate of the Olympus NDT Training Academy, supporting training requirements in North America, Europe and South Africa.

Bob brings over thirty years of experience to the school; he started out on the build of Heysham I Nuclear Power Station, then Heysham II and later Sizewell B. His travels have taken him all over the world, spending time in the Middle East, the Far East, North and South America and finally Europe. “It has been an adventure” said Bob, “You would not believe the places, the trouble and the fun times I’ve had in the industry. I should put it all into a book – I would make a fortune!”

Bob is a Chartered Engineer and holds PCN Level III’s in UTPA, UT, RT MT & PT and has retained all of his Level II certificates. Whilst it might sound strange to be a Level III with valid Level II’s, this can often be useful in the workplace and help avoid red tape, particularly in certain parts of the world.

Global School of NDT prides itself on giving value for money. In depth hands-on practical applications and a positive approach to theory results in strong, well versed technicians with a sound basis for career and employment opportunities. We solidly believe in minimizing non-billable time. Having training courses account for three weeks of lost revenue is difficult to bear even for the richest of companies and technicians alike. Our two-week programs are created to be advantageous to the employer and self-sponsored candidate alike.

Bob is only too familiar with this scenario: “Being out of collar for three weeks is difficult at best. I have been there - course fees, hotels, fuel and no income. I have to say it has been difficult (and expensive) at times but now I am reaping the rewards and in return trying to help others by reducing  the overall course duration from three weeks to two.”

“The downside to this approach is that we do work weekends – yes, a training school committed to working not five, or six, but seven days, and we even add a couple of hours a night late evenings if any one individual needs a little more help – this can be one on one or as a group. The emphasis is that no one is left behind.”

“From a company perspective and as a Level III, I believe we all have a duty to mentor the next generation of level II’s and III’s, and that can only happen with dedication, willingness to go the extra mile and put the day to day frustrations behind you. We plan to expand our range of training locations with a view to providing training closer to home for the technicians. Our aim is to provide dedicated intensive training programs and dedicated experienced trainers that want only the very best for you (and will get the best out of you) and above all, have solid field experiences to fall back on when the going gets tough.



Global School of NDT courses are designed to raise the overall standard of the NDT technician, and through enhanced skills and qualifications, making he or she, a more valued member of any inspection team.


Our Values

Our Values

Our courses (and our tutors) have stood the scrutiny of our industrial peers, our course material and associated practical lab applications have been approved by long established experts in the advanced NDT field.



Phased Array Level II course has been approved by BiNDT to Level 2 standard

GSNDT Quality Management Program and their Phased Array Level II course has been approved by BiNDT to Level 2 standard. Courses will be available from January 2014 across the United Kingdom.



GSNDT has been assessed and found to comply with the criteria detailed in PCN document CP9

GSNDT has been assessed and found to comply with the criteria detailed in PCN document CP9 (Requirements for PCN Authorised Qualifying Bodies) and has been authorized to conduct PCN examinations using Phased Array transducers in accordance with PCN/GEN Appendix E9 for level 2 only.


Alex Hutchison

Thanks very much Sandra! To be absolutely honest, I couldn't have picked a better area or bunch to do the course with.

I liked Morecambe a lot; very inexpensive and great friendly nice folk all though the town. Training was excellent and I also said

Allan Ferguson

Excellent course, Bob made all the coursework easy to understand and he was always willing to help and explain.

Sandra made the booking process quick and easy, overall a great experience with very nice people

Allan Ferguson
NDT Technician, Oceaneeri

Allan O'Hagan

Highly recommend this course to those Technicians, NDT Supervisors and Engineers wishing to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the PAUT method. Excellent theory and practical components, with continuous classroom discussions, clarifications and fe

Barry Hughes

Fantastic training course and very well delivered. Have done many training courses with other providers but this was by far the best. Phased Array delivered in a professional way.

Great venue, Bob Scholes is a great instructor, I would highly recomm

Chris Gowans

I have attended many NDT courses and this was by far the best.

Bob was always happy to help and share the wealth of experience he has gained in the industry!

I would highly recommened the Global School of NDT to anyone wanting to progress their NDT

Gary Stott

I found the course intensive, down to earth and good preparation for the level 2 examination. Bob Scholes was knowledgeable and had a great deal of patience.

Gary Stott
Phased Array Level II

James Cooper

Without a doubt the hardest course I've done to date, but the way the theory was set out made it so much easier to take in and the practical side was also very good because each person had their own set. Compared to other venues I have been to where

Richard Powney

Great facilities, course delivered very well by Bob, great hospitality from Bob & Sandra.

Would do all of my courses here if I could, best value for money I've had. Highly recommend.

Richard Powney
NDT Technician, CAN
Phased Array Level II

Ricky Hill

I found the course to be paced really well, accomplishing what other schools would take 3 weeks to do in just 12 days.

Bob Scholes was extremely knowledgeable and excellent at breaking down everything into understandable terms.

The Level II examina

Ryan Selbie

I have attended different courses with different training providers and have to say Bob made things easy to understand and focused on the important parts of the course. The option of running straight through a weekend and completing the course in les

Stuart Wild

The course was intense and very well structured and professionally delivered in an atmosphere condusive to learning new techniques.

Facilities were excellent and easily reached by all modes of transport.

As it was a condensed 10 day course, it was